Israeli PM Netanyahu rejects growing calls of ceasefire as it battles Hamas in Gaza


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed back the growing international calls asking the country for ceasefire in its ongoing conflict against Hamas in Gaza, saying Israel’s battle to crush the Gaza-ruling authority will continue with “full force.”

In a televised address, Netanyahu said that ceasefire would be a possibility only if the Hamas release all of its 239 hostages.

The premier also insisted that post the war, now entering its sixth week, Gaza would be demilitarized and Israel would retain security control there. The leader explained that this would allow the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to enter Gaza freely to hunt down the militants.


Netanyahu has also rejected the idea of the Palestinian authority, which currently administers autonomous areas in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, would at some stage control Gaza. Both position runs counter to post-war scenario suggested by its closest ally, the United States. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken had said that U.S. opposes the idea of Israel reoccupying Gaza and has a vision of unified Palestinian government in both Gaza and West Bank.