Israeli military ‘increase urgency’ of call for northern Gazans to evacuate


The Israeli military has increased its “urgency” on Sunday in the order for the people in northern Gaza to flee to southern region, a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel had launched the “second stage” of it war against Hamas.

Rear Adm. Daniel Hagar, spokesperson for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), stated in a video made on Sunday – reiterating a warning that has been criticised by several humanitarian groups and the United Nations, pointing to the challenges of moving within Gaza while it is under attack.

It is unclear how the Gazan will receive the message as the region has been going through a communications blackout, following Israel cutoff of electricity since Friday night. The connection was partially restored on Sunday morning.


“The war inside the Gaza Strip will be long and difficult – and we are ready for it,” Netanyahu stated in a statement during press conference on Saturday.

He added that his government is aimed at rescuing the 200 hostages being held in Gaza by Hamas militants, while destroying the “military and governing capabilities” of Hamas.