Israeli – American girl among the hostages released on Sunday by Hamas


Among the 17 hostages released by Hamas on Sunday, the third day of truce, is an Israeli – American girl of age four.

The four-year-old was kidnapped by Hamas militants during the attacks on October 7 in southern Israel. Her parents were killed at the hands of militant, but she somehow managed to escape from the house.

She was taken in by the neighbouring Brodutch family, but she and other family members were later abducted by the militants.


Avigail’s release was confirmed by President Joe Biden during a press conference wherein he shared that the girl turned four while being in captivity of the Palestinian militant group. She had spent at least 50 days in captivity.

“Today she’s free, and Jilly and I, together with so many Americans, are praying for the fact that she is going to be alright,” stated the president. He added that the girl has been through “terrible trauma” and that those around her will be surrounding her with “love and care.”