Israeli airstrike kills high ranking Iranian general in Damascus, confirms Iran


An Israeli airstrike in a Damascus neighbourhood on Monday killed a high-ranking Iranian general, Iranian state media has confirmed.

Iranian officials and allied militant groups in the region has vowed for revenge for the killing but did not immediately launch any retaliatory strike.

The killing of Sayyed Razi Mousavi, a longtime adviser of the Iranian paramilitary Revolutionary Guards in Syria, comes amid ongoing fears of Israel and Hamas’ war spiraling over the region. Iran – backed groups in Yemen and Syria have been launching series of attacks on Israel and its allies in support of Palestine.


Clashes along Lebanon and Israel border between Hezbollah and Israel have been getting intensified with every day as there are daily exchanges of missiles, airstrikes, and shelling across the frontier.

The Houthi rebel group, who currently control large part of Yemen, including its capital Sanaa, has been launching attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea with motivation to disrupt the international trade. They have described the attacks as their show of support towards Palestine and has vowed to stop only if Israel stop “its crimes in Gaza.”