Israel warns ‘long and difficult war’ ahead as it pushes Palestinian militants out of its territory


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the country is “embarking on a long and difficult war” as it deals with hostage situation after Palestinian militants launch surprise air, land, and sea attacks, which has claimed lives of hundreds. The terrorists have also infiltrated the Israeli territory and kidnapped its civilians.

Yesterday, has been the deadliest day for the country in decades for Israel and come after months or surging violence between Palestinians and Israelis with the decades-long conflict now heading into uncharted and dangerous new territory. Questions are also being raised over how the intelligence service of the entire country was caught off-guard, which has been termed as one of the nation’s worst security failure.

Israel’s political-security cabinet convened late Saturday and made a “series of operational decisions” aimed towards weakening the military and governmental capabilities of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, in such a way that would negate their ability and desire to harm the country or its citizens for many years to come, as per a statement by PM Netanyahu.


Earlier, Netanyahu vowed “mighty vengeance” against the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

As reported by local media, more than 350 Israelis have been killed and 1,500+ have been injured.