Israel strike Jabalya’s densely populated refugee camp killing large number of people


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has confirmed that a blast in the Falluja neighbourhood of the Jabalya refugee camps was due to an airstrike on Wednesday.

“Earlier today, based on precise intelligence IDF fighter jets struck a Hamas command and control complex in Jabaliya,” read statement issued by IDF. It further confirmed that the airstrike has claimed lives of Hamas militants, who deliberately build its terror infrastructure under and around civilian buildings, which in turn put Gazans at risk.

Once again, the IDF in its statement, urged the citizens residing in the northern part of Gaza, to move to south, which as per Israel is much safer for the civilians.


As reported by the eyewitnesses and medic, the Israeli airstrike on the Jabalya refugee camp resulted in catastrophic damage and killed a large number of people. While Israel has claimed that it has targeted and killed top Hamas commander, Hamas has strongly denied any presence of its leaders in the camp.