Israel resists U.S. pressure to pause the war in wake of deepening ‘humanitarian’ crisis


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed back growing pressure from the United States to pause the month-long war, for a “humanitarian” cause to protect the civilians and allow more aid into Gaza, insisting that there would be no ceasefire until the 250 hostages captured by Hamas militants are released.

U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, made his third trip to Israel since the beginning of war, reiterating American support for Israel’s campaign to crush Hamas in response to its brutal attack on October 7. He also echoed President Joe Biden’s calls for a brief halt in the fighting to address the worsening humanitarian crisis.

Overwhelmed hospitals in the enclaved Gaza say they are nearing collapse as they are running low on medicines and fuel under Israeli siege. Alarms has grown over spiraling Palestinian deaths and deepening misery for civilians due to weeks of Israeli airstrikes and expanding ground offensive forces. About 1.5 million Palestinians or 70% of the population have fled their homes, as per the United Nations on Friday.


Palestinians are increasingly desperate for the most basic supplies.