Israel renew evacuation order as it widens offensive but Palestinian running out of land to go


Israel military renewed calls Monday for mass evacuations from the southern town of Khan Younis, where tens of thousands of displaced Palestinians have sought refuge in recent weeks. It has widened its ground offensive and bombarded targets across the Gaza Strip.

The expanded operations, which resumed post a week-long cease-fire, are aimed towards eliminating Hamas from the region. The war has already killed more than 14,000 Palestinians and have displaced over three-fourth of the territory’s population, who are running out of safe places to go.

Israel is already under pressure from its top ally, the United States, and is appearing to racing its strike a death blow to Hamas before any new ceasefire. However, the mounting toll of the fighting, which has already resulted in killing of hundreds of civilians since Friday, as per the Palestinian Health Ministry. This has indeed increased the international pressure to return to the truce table.


As Israel calls on the civilians to evacuate, it is not clear where they will go as the shelters are already overwhelmed.