Israel lowers its death toll by 200 for October 7 attacks by Hamas


Israel has revised its official estimated death toll of the October 7 Hamas attacks, lowering the number to about 1,200 people, which comes down from 1,400 people, informed a spokesperson for the country’s Foreign Ministry on Friday.

The spokesperson, Lior Haiat, said that the original number was “initial estimate,” which has now been updated. He declined to provide further details on the change, but added that the numbers could fluctuate in the future, as remains are being identified.

For weeks, Israel said that more 1,400 of their civilians were killed in the attack on October 7th, wherein the Hamas militants infiltrated the Israeli territory in the south and opened fire in more than 20 Israeli towns and military bases, and a music festival. Others were killed when the attackers set their cars and homes on fire.


Israeli health official says they have struggled to identify many Israeli and foreign nationals who were killed in the attack. The Israeli officials said that the task was difficult because some of the attackers had worn uniform of Israeli military, which made the identification difficult.