Israel have expressed interest in potentially extending the truce with Hamas


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told President Joe Biden on Sunday that he would “welcome” the possibility of extending the truce with Hamas, considering 10 hostages per day are released from Gaza.

In a statement by the Prime Minister Office on X, formerly known as Twitter, it said the entire nation is moved as the families are being reunited. “There is also an outline that says that it is possible to release an additional ten hostages each day,” said PM in a video statement.

However, he also added that he told Biden that if and when the truce ends, Israel “will go to realizing [its] goals with full force,” which is to eliminate Hamas, as it would not let Gaza go back to being what it was.


Earlier, in a statement, Hamas officials had expressed their wish to extend the current four-day agreement.

As per the current deal, the Palestinian militant group is required to release at least 50 Israeli hostages, in return for 150 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

Today, on the fourth and final day of the agreement, it has been learned that Israel has received the list of hostages to be freed from Gaza.