Israel, Hamas appear to abide by truce terms on fifth-day of the agreement


Israeli and Hamas fighters seems to be abiding by a truce for a fifth morning on Tuesday, after a four-day ceasefire was extended, for two additional days at the last minute, to allow more hostages to go free.

A single column of black smoke could be seen rising above the obliterated wasteland of the northern Gaza, but there was no presence of jets in sky or rumble of explosions.

Both sides reported some Israeli tank fire in the Sheikh Radwan district of Gaza City in the morning, but there were immediate reports of casualties. A spokesperson for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said, “After suspects approached IDF troops, an IDF tank fired a warning shot.”


During the truce of four days, the Palestinian militant group released 50 of the at least 250 Israeli hostages, whom were abducted during the attack on October 7. The hostages included elderly people, women, as well as toddlers. In exchange for the hostages, Israel released 150 Palestinian prisoners from its jail.

Hamas also separately released 19 foreign hostages, mainly Thai farmworkers, under parallel deals made with foreign government.

Israel has stated that the truce can be extended indefinitely as long as at least 10 Israeli hostages are being released from Gaza on a daily basis.