Israel divides Gaza into two parts, as it advances towards Gaza City


The spokesperson for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have said that its forces are moving forward towards Gaza City, which the military has encircled since reaching Gaza’s coast on Sunday, as per CNN.

This “indeed means that we are pushing forward towards Gaza City, we have encircled Gaza City two days ago and we are moving forward,” stated Lt. Col. Peter Lerner. He also mentioned that the north and south of Gaza have been cut off from one another and is currently under the control of IDF.

Describing Gaza City as “the fortress of Hamas’s terrorist activities,” he said that IDF is determined with the aim to destroy the militant group.


The statement by Lerner comes after his colleague IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, said Israeli troops have split Gaza into two territories.

In his statement, Hagari also pressed that the military will provide passage for the residents of the northern Gaza city to move south.