Israel deepens their search operation in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital


Israel  has stated that its troops are operating in an around Gaza’s largest hospital facility, Al Shifa, with an objective of locating Hamas base, which they claimed to have been located in tunnels beneath the buildings.

During the early hours on Wednesday, the Israeli troops forced their way into Al Shifa hospital, which is no longer functioning due to the lack of fuel and water, but still has been shelter to thousands of Palestinians. The army said that they have deepened their search post finding automatic weapons, grenades, ammunition, and flak jackets from an undisclosed building within the complex.

Army spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, at a press briefing said, “We will continue to do so, in order to gather further information, to discover additional assets, and to expose the terror activities within the hospital.” He also mentioned that the operation is being conducted at precise locations in the hospital.


U.S. President Joe Biden accused Hamas of committing war crimes by using hospital premises as its military headquarters. He added Israel had gone into Al Shifa with a limited number of troops and guns.