Israel considering ‘whether any possibility’ to renew truce deal with Hamas


Israel is trying to assess whether there is any possibility to extend the pause in hostility in Gaza that is to end on Thursday morning, a senior Israeli official said Wednesday.

When asked if there was any offer on the table to free all Palestinian prisoners in return for all Israeli hostages, the official said that they were unaware of the possibility of any such agreement. “We are doubtful that there is such an offer.”

The official reiterated that Israel believes that all hostages in Gaza are not being held by Hamas militants.


“We know that whatever Sinwar (Hamas chief Yahya) determines, happens. He can take them from the hands of other factions and make sure the agreement is implemented fully,” stated the official.

For the unversed, more than 40 hostages taken by Hamas from Israel, during the attack on October 7, are not held by Hamas, but by other groups or individuals, a diplomatic source briefed on the negotiations.

The initial four-day which was to end on Monday was extended on the same day for another two days, which will most likely witness release of 10 Israeli hostages per day.