Israel bombs Greek Orthodox church in Gaza resulting in ‘large number’ of deaths


An Israeli air attack has killed and injured a “large number” of displaced people sheltering at a church compound in Gaza, according to Palestinian enclave’s interior ministry.

The Greek Orthodox Saint Porphyrius Church in Gaza was bombed which has resulted in a “large number of martyrs and injured,” said the ministry on Thursday night.

According to the sources of AFP news, the air raid appeared to have been aimed at a target close to the 12th century place of worship where many Muslims and Christians had taken refuge.


The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has entered its day fourteenth and has already claimed thousands of lives on both sides. Couple of days ago, a blast at the hospital claimed lives of hundreds. The responsibility behind the blast in taken by none of the of two parties involved. However, the tensions in the Middle East has reached new height.

The Israeli military shared with the news agency that its fighter jets had hit a command and control centre involved in launching rockets and mortars towards Israel. The officials have added that a wall of the church was damaged and they are aware of reports on casualties.

Witnesses claimed that the blast has damaged the facade of the church and has caused a nearby building to collapse.