Is there ‘The Eminence In Shadow’ season 2 episode 13?


Surprising as it may be, The Eminence in Shadow not only received an anime adaptation but went further to secure two entire seasons, a feat that pleasantly surprised many fans. Nexus deserves our heartfelt gratitude for their commendable work in bringing this series to life – thank you, Nexus!

However, shifting to the crux of the matter, the second season of The Eminence in Shadow took viewers on an intense rollercoaster ride. Recent episodes witnessed Shadow’s utter annihilation of Ragnarok and the startling transformation of Mordred into a demon in a desperate attempt to overcome Shadow’s might.

Amidst the chaos, Arkane found herself captured after being spotted at night, leading to a climactic halt in the battle. Naturally, Shadow swiftly intervened to rescue her, leaving viewers hanging at the end of episode 12. But the burning question remains: What about episode 13?


Here’s the disappointing truth: Episode 13 of The Eminence in Shadow doesn’t exist and never did. Despite the season concluding with a colossal plot twist, the plans for a thirteenth episode were nonexistent. This revelation may come as a surprise, particularly considering the first season’s 20-episode run. However, the second season was intended to encompass only 12 episodes from its inception.

Yet, there’s a glimmer of hope amidst this setback. A movie adaptation is currently in the works, offering solace to those understandably frustrated by the absence of a thirteenth episode. Fans can anticipate the return of Shadow and Cid on the silver screen, promising a continuation of their saga. Additionally, for those craving more of The Eminence in Shadow, the novels are readily accessible through Yen Press.

In essence, while the lack of an episode 13 might disappoint, the prospects of a movie adaptation keep the excitement alive, ensuring that the adventure of Shadow and Cid continues beyond the small screen.