Is there an ‘Acrimony 2’ release date in 2024?


Taraji P. Henson and Tyler Perry share a deeply collaborative relationship that has significantly impacted Henson’s career trajectory. Their partnership has yielded three films thus far, marking pivotal moments in Henson’s professional journey. Perry, a trailblazing Hollywood executive, notably broke barriers by not only offering Henson leading roles but also ensuring she received fair compensation—a rarity in an industry plagued by pay disparity.

Prior to their collaboration, Henson, despite her talent and acclaim, faced ongoing struggles with unequal pay, a plight she openly addressed, particularly following her Oscar nomination in 2008 for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” It was Perry who catalyzed a change, extending to her the opportunity to headline his films and setting a precedent for equitable pay. In her memoir, “Around the Way Girl,” Henson expresses gratitude to Perry for championing her worth and elevating her status in the industry.

Their cinematic endeavors together include “The Family That Preys” in 2008, followed by the 2018 psychological thriller “Acrimony,” wherein Henson delivered a gripping performance as a vengeful ex-wife. While “Acrimony” received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, it undeniably left an indelible impression, evolving into a cult classic buoyed by Perry’s influence and Henson’s talent.


Amidst renewed interest in the film sparked by recent airings and online discussions, rumors of a sequel have circulated. However, no official announcements have been made regarding “Acrimony 2.” Nonetheless, the film’s resurgence in cultural relevance, evidenced by its robust audience engagement and discussions on social media platforms, may pave the way for future installments. With its divisive reception and enduring impact on contemporary discourse, there remains the tantalizing possibility of further exploring the narrative’s complexities in a sequel, should Lionsgate and Tyler Perry Studios choose to pursue it.