Is there a ‘Demon Slayer’ Infinity Castle Arc release date?


For now, the Hashira and most of the Demon Slayer Corps are focused on strengthening their forces, especially since Muzan is now more determined to capture Nezuko, who has proven she can survive in sunlight. Fans of the manga or those with a bit of foresight know that all this preparation is leading to the climactic Infinity Castle Arc, promising one of the most intense and spectacular battles ever animated.


When Will the Infinity Castle Arc Begin?

Currently, there is no official word on when the Infinity Castle Arc of the *Demon Slayer* anime will start. At the moment, it’s also unclear when the ongoing Hashira Training Arc will conclude. However, based on the wait times between previous seasons, we can estimate that the Infinity Castle Arc might begin airing between late 2025 and mid-2026. Historically, there has been a roughly two-year gap between seasons, and with the Hashira Training Arc currently in progress, it’s likely that the Infinity Castle Arc will follow, unless the Stories of Water and Flame is adapted first.


Despite the relatively short wait for the Hashira Training Arc, which began just a year after the Swordsmith Village Arc, the complexity and scale of animating the Infinity Castle Arc might extend the production timeline.

There are also rumors that the Infinity Castle Arc might be released as a series of films instead of episodic episodes. Considering the massive financial success of previous *Demon Slayer* films, particularly *Mugen Train*, which grossed $507.1 million worldwide even during the COVID-19 pandemic, this approach would not be surprising. The film format could allow for a higher quality and more cohesive storytelling experience for such a pivotal arc.

In the meantime, you can watch Demon Slayer in full on Crunchyroll, and most of the anime is also available on Netflix in the United States.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the highly anticipated release of the Infinity Castle Arc.