Is the ‘Six of Crows’ spinoff confirmed?


The cancellation of “Shadow and Bone” by Netflix after two seasons came as a heartbreaking blow to fans, especially considering the initial success of the show’s first season. While viewers anticipated a long-running adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse series, strikes-related issues were cited by Netflix for the cancellation, signaling the end of Alina Starkov’s story.

However, alongside Alina’s narrative, the much-anticipated Six of Crows spinoff was also in the works, focusing on Ketterdam’s renowned thieves. There was immense excitement surrounding this spinoff, particularly after EP Eric Heisserer confirmed its development to Entertainment Weekly in March 2023. But with the cancellation of its parent series, the fate of the spinoff became uncertain.

Unfortunately, creator Leigh Bardugo confirmed on Instagram that Netflix had decided not to move forward with the Six of Crows spinoff, adding another layer of disappointment for fans. However, this setback hasn’t deterred the passionate “Shadow and Bone” fandom. Social media campaigns like #SixOfCrowsSpinoff and #SaveShadowAndBone have gained momentum as fans band together to revive the franchise.


The efforts to rescue the canceled Netflix series have been robust and creative. A petition urging Netflix to reconsider its decision has amassed over 150,000 signatures. Additionally, a Kickstarter fundraiser aimed at erecting a #SaveShadowAndBone billboard in Los Angeles surpassed its initial goal of $5000 quickly.

While the outcome of these campaigns remains uncertain, there’s a glimmer of hope based on the successes of similar endeavors in the past. Other Netflix shows like “Warrior Nun” and “Daredevil” received billboard campaigns and found new life on different streaming platforms after cancellation. Fans, reminiscent of the resilience of Kaz Brekker and his crew, are rallying for the continuation of the Grishaverse, whether through a potential third season of “Shadow and Bone” or a Six of Crows spinoff.