Is ‘The Simpsons’ over?


In an era marked by sudden show cancellations, fans of “The Simpsons” have long speculated about when the beloved animated series will eventually conclude. The show’s remarkable longevity, debuting in 1989 and boasting over 700 episodes, only heightens these fears. This achievement solidifies “The Simpsons” as the longest-running American sitcom, animated series, and scripted primetime television show in terms of both seasons and episode count. Given its enduring presence on television screens, it’s only natural for fans to wonder if its end is on the horizon.

However, fans of Springfield can breathe a sigh of relief. As of January 2023, it was announced that the animated series has been renewed through 2025, ensuring that “The Simpsons” will surpass the 800-episode mark and reach an impressive 37 seasons. The most recent 35th season, which aired in October 2023, featured guest appearances by Kerry Washington and Elizabeth Banks, with Kylie Jenner taking on a role for the Halloween episode. These notable appearances have contributed to what some experts have dubbed “The Simpsons’ renaissance,” following a period of declining ratings in the 2010s.

While the renewal until 2025 suggests a continued run for “The Simpsons,” some involved in the series have commented on its eventual conclusion. Hank Azaria, who lends his voice to several Springfield residents, including Moe and Chief Wiggum, believes that “The Simpsons” could potentially reach the milestone of 40 seasons. Azaria noted that since the characters don’t age, and audiences still seem eager for the show, this milestone is conceivable.


Looking even further ahead, showrunner Al Jean, who co-heads “The Simpsons” alongside Matt Selman, shared a potential ending scenario. In a 2021 interview, Jean revealed that he envisions the series finale revisiting the Christmas pageant featured in the premiere episode. He mentioned, however, that official discussions about a conclusion are not currently underway. Jean emphasized that talks of ending the show are not in the cards, given its ongoing success, providing further assurance that Springfield will continue gracing television screens for at least a few more years.