Is The Night Agent Season 2 not coming in October?


Getting straight to the point, it’s now confirmed that The Night Agent won’t be making its return in October 2023. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that this highly anticipated series will make a comeback at all within the year. The primary reason behind this delay lies in the impact of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that have disrupted Hollywood, leading to an indefinite hiatus for the much-awaited seasons of several beloved series.

After an arduous 146-day battle, the storm finally began to clear on September 27, 2023, when the Writer’s Guild of America successfully negotiated a fair deal with the AMPTP, bringing an end to the strike. However, the battle still rages on for SAG-AFTRA, who are advocating for their rights in terms of equitable wages and enhanced protection against the challenges posed by artificial intelligence. This raises a critical question: What is the current status of production for The Night Agent Season 2, and when can viewers expect it to arrive on Netflix, if not in October?


The Night Agent Season 2 Release Date Speculation


In May 2023, Ryan took to Twitter to share a photo of himself on the picket line during the WGA strike. He mentioned The Night Agent in the caption and indicated that the writers’ room for Season 2 would be put on hold until the strike concluded. More recently, on August 9, Ryan posted another photo from the picket line outside Netflix Studios. In his caption, he marked the 100th day of the writers’ strike and expressed his desire to be working on The Night Agent Season 2. However, until the AMPTP agrees to the writers’ terms, this remains impossible.

On July 10, the show’s creator disclosed that Season 2 of The Night Agent would have commenced production in August 2023 had the AMPTP reached an agreement with the WGA to avert the writers’ strike. Ryan also shared a picture of himself picketing outside Netflix headquarters in July 2023.

As for when the strike might conclude, it hinges on the AMPTP meeting the demands of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. Recent reports suggest a disconcerting approach from the studios, indicating a willingness to prolong negotiations until union members are faced with the prospect of losing their homes and apartments.

Given the ongoing strike, Netflix has confirmed that Season 2 of The Night Agent will be released in 2024. However, the exact timing remains uncertain. If the SAG-AFTRA protests extend into the later part of the year, a release in early 2025 may become more plausible. It’s important to note that these are speculative estimates, contingent on the resolution of the strike situation.

Shawn Ryan, the creator, has also provided some insights into what’s in store for Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) in Season 2. The season finale leaves Peter grappling with significant questions about his newfound responsibilities and what they mean for his relationship. Rose’s pursuit of her tech ambitions is also expected to be a central theme. Additionally, there are lingering questions about the fate of characters like Diane Farr and Gordon Wick, hinting at potential storylines in the upcoming season.