Is the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ manga finished? Hunter x Hunter Ending explained!


Hunter x Hunter author Yoshihiro Togashi, has earned widespread acclaim, positioning itself as one of the greatest shonen manga series. However, a significant hurdle plaguing this remarkable tale is the irregularity in its updates, largely attributed to Togashi’s intermittent hiatuses. This persistent issue has fueled skepticism among fans, leading many to doubt if the series will ever reach its conclusion.

Since its inception in 1998, followers of Hunter x Hunter have grappled with prolonged breaks, expecting the inevitable cessation of chapters whenever Togashi resumes work on the manga.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding its conclusion, the fervent fan base eagerly anticipates any new installment or, more recently, even an alternative ending. If you’ve stumbled upon discussions about a specific Hunter x Hunter ending, there’s a clarifying distinction to be made.



Hunter x Hunter ending explained

While an ending has circulated online, attributed to Togashi, it’s crucial to understand that this conclusion isn’t the definitive finale of the series. Instead, it represents only one of several potential conclusions envisioned by Togashi in the unfortunate scenario of his passing before concluding the story. Referred to as ‘Ending D,’ it introduces a new character named Jin, a young enthusiast of fishing, seemingly Gon’s granddaughter. However, this conclusion is deemed the least likely to be chosen as the official ending.

Apart from ‘Ending D,’ Togashi has disclosed the existence of three other possible endings for Hunter x Hunter, labeled ‘C,’ ‘B,’ and ‘A.’ Among these alternatives, ‘C’ is considered to have the lowest likelihood of satisfying fans, with satisfaction percentages increasing progressively from ‘C’ to ‘A.’ Togashi’s personal preference seems to dictate the retention of ‘C’ and ‘D’ despite their anticipated dissatisfaction among readers.

The sporadic release of alternate endings aligns with Togashi’s health challenges, notably chronic back pain, severely restricting his ability to consistently create manga content. His health concerns have led to multiple hiatuses, halting the progression of the story repeatedly.

Nonetheless, fans anticipate the continuation of Hunter x Hunter for as long as Togashi can manage it, albeit at a gradual pace. Rumors suggest a potential return, generating excitement among enthusiasts. For those yet to catch up on the series, it’s advised to delve into the story promptly, considering the unpredictable nature of its release schedule.