Is The Grinch 2 happening?


As much as fans have clamored for a sequel to Ron Howard’s festive hit “The Grinch,” it appears that “The Grinch 2” might not be in the works after all, dashing the hopes of those wishing for a follow-up to the beloved live-action movie.

Speculation about a potential sequel surfaced in January 2023, with reports suggesting a new movie was under development, with Jim Carrey reprising his role as the mischievous green Grinch. However, since there has been no official confirmation from Ron Howard, the cast, or the studio, these rumors might have been unsubstantiated.

Recent statements have debunked the possibility of Jim Carrey returning as the Grinch. His agent denied any truth to Carrey reprising his role, citing that there were no plans for him to return to the Grinch cast for a sequel.


This news isn’t entirely surprising, considering Carrey’s past comments about the challenging makeup process for the original movie. He likened the experience to being “buried alive” each day and expressed difficulties with the extensive makeup required for the character.

If a sequel were to happen, it might likely follow directly from the events of the first movie, potentially taking inspiration from a sequel book titled ‘How the Grinch Lost Christmas!’ published by Random House in 2023. This sequel revolves around the Grinch attempting to create the grandest Christmas tree in Whoville.

However, since this sequel wasn’t penned by Dr. Seuss himself, the studio might opt to explore an entirely original storyline. There’s speculation that a sequel could delve into how the Grinch’s relationship with Christmas evolved over the years and his reintroduction into Whoville society.

In terms of a potential plot, considering Christmas movies often steer away from traditional villains, the Grinch might find himself in Yuletide misadventures, possibly even encountering the real Santa Claus or having to teach the Whos the true meaning of Christmas.

For those eager to revisit the original movie, “The Grinch” is available on streaming platforms like Peacock, Fubo, and Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, the classic ’60s animated version and the 2018 Illumination adaptation are also available on Peacock and Fubo.