Is the “Devil May Cry” series on Netflix related to the first “Devil May Cry” anime?


Netflix has undeniably made significant strides in the realm of anime, a feat that might have seemed unlikely just five years ago. The platform’s commitment to animation is evident, with productions like “Arcane” showcasing the grandiosity that Netflix brings to the table.

However, it’s worth noting that not everything is without its flaws. Netflix has been known to cancel series, leaving dedicated fans, such as those of “Disenchantment,” with a sense of loss. Nonetheless, the streaming giant continues to invest in new ventures, with “Devil May Cry” being the next on the list.

“Devil May Cry” is a familiar name for many, whether in reference to the anime series or the video game. Yet, where does this new Netflix show fit into the broader franchise?


As it stands, the upcoming animated series appears to have no direct connection to the 2007 anime. Instead, it was developed in collaboration with Capcom, the video game developer. While the anime, manga, and novel adaptations all draw from the 2001 video game saga, not all of them are intricately linked.

The novel functions as a prequel to the video game series, while the manga presents semi-canon events in a separate narrative. The 2007 anime series was directly based on both the manga and the novel, depicting events between the first and second instalments of the game, rather than directly within the video game franchise.

Therefore, Netflix’s “Devil May Cry” will serve as a faithful adaptation of the original story created by Capcom for the video game franchise. Rumours about the Netflix adaptation began circulating as far back as 2018, but it was only recently that confirmation and a preview clip were finally unveiled, marking a new direction in the platform’s animation endeavours.

While a specific release date has yet to be announced, for those interested in watching the 2007 series, it is available on Crunchyroll and Hulu.