Is ‘The Christmas Express’ a real movie?


It seems that the much-anticipated “The Christmas Express,” touted as a prequel to the beloved holiday film “The Polar Express,” is, unfortunately, nothing more than an imaginative creation from a satire account on the internet. The excitement sparked by a poster advertising this prequel turned out to be a cleverly crafted hoax by a showbusiness satire account known for generating fictional movie sequel announcements.

While the concept of a prequel exploring the origin story of Woodford Newton as the Spirit of Christmas seemed intriguing, especially for fans of “The Polar Express,” there is no actual movie in production or existence under the title “The Christmas Express.” The poster that circulated online promising a December 2023 release was a creation from the satire account, YODA BBY ABY, known for its hit-and-miss fictional movie sequel announcements, primarily focusing on Star Wars-related content.

Despite garnering significant attention and likes on social media, no credible evidence, official statements from the cast or crew, production footage, or promotional efforts from a genuine distributor have surfaced. Neither Tom Hanks nor Robert Zemeckis, associated with the original film, have made any remarks or confirmed the existence of such a project.


Regrettably, alongside “The Christmas Express,” other imaginative projects teased by the same satire account, such as a Grinch sequel starring David Harbour and a Mister Bean/Star Wars crossover featuring Rowan Atkinson, are also products of playful imagination and not actual film developments. Thus, for fans eagerly awaiting a continuation or prequel to “The Polar Express,” it’s essential to note that “The Christmas Express” is not a legitimate movie in production.