Is the ‘Chainsaw Man’ movie happening?


The arrival of the Chainsaw Man anime in 2022 was met with immense anticipation, considering its origins from the widely acclaimed manga. Fans eagerly awaited the animated portrayal of young Denji’s story.

However, the reaction to the first season wasn’t unanimous. Despite compelling character developments and its homage to cinema, the series received a backlash from some viewers. Criticism led to petitions for a remake of the 12-episode season, focusing on specific elements they found fault with. Whether these critiques influenced the production remains unclear. What’s certain is the future trajectory of Chainsaw Man: MAPAA announced that the upcoming feature film, titled Chainsaw Man – The Movie, will draw from the Reze Arc.

Regarding the Reze Arc, details about the film are currently sparse. No release date has been confirmed, but expectations suggest more information might surface later in the year. What fans can anticipate are the plot elements the film is likely to explore. Despite criticisms of minor deviations from the source material, Chainsaw Man is generally recognized as a faithful adaptation, a stark contrast to the infamous Netflix interpretation of Cowboy Bebop.


If the film adheres to the manga, Denji’s life is about to take a tumultuous turn. The Reze Arc introduces a newcomer, Reze, who takes an immediate interest in Denji. However, this affection masks her true identity as a devil hybrid known as Bomb Girl, working under the Gun Devil. Her ability stems from a grenade pin in her neck, enabling her to self-detonate. Initially tasked to gain Denji’s trust, she emerges as the primary antagonist of the story arc. Although she briefly shows genuine feelings for Denji, her downfall ensues when Miss Makima intervenes, preventing her escape.

The film’s narrative picks up after the events of the Katana Man arc in Chainsaw Man’s first season. The announcement of a movie naturally raises questions about the possibility of a second season for the series. Some anime have successfully integrated films into the television series’ canon, and fans hope for a similar outcome here. However, there’s been no confirmation regarding the future continuation of the show, leaving enthusiasts eager for updates on whether both a film and a follow-up season can coexist.