Is ‘Thanksgiving?’ available for streaming?


Sinking your teeth into a succulent turkey and indulging in a feast of holiday trimmings is a cherished tradition, but what if the only thing that could top that experience is a bone-chilling horror film revolving around a masked killer terrorizing an entire town during the Thanksgiving season? Enter Eli Roth’s “Thanksgiving.”

Originally showcased as a spoof trailer in 2007’s “Grindhouse,” this fresh venture quickly generated substantial anticipation as one of the most sought-after spooky movies of the year. Fueled by a star-studded cast and Roth’s reputation as a horror maestro, the film’s premise, involving a Black Friday riot gone awry and a serial killer named “John Carver” wreaking havoc, inherently captivated audiences.

While the nerve-racking project initially drew crowds to theaters last month, individuals preferring the warmth of home during the fall-to-winter transition are eagerly awaiting the film’s availability for streaming.


Addressing where to watch “Thanksgiving,” the disappointment for those desiring to enjoy the film from their cozy couches arose from its prolonged exclusive theatrical run. Unlike previous horror releases like “Halloween Kills” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” which simultaneously premiered on Peacock, “Thanksgiving” followed a different trajectory, initially accessible solely through purchasing movie tickets.

However, recent developments have delighted horror enthusiasts. “Thanksgiving” has now received its Video on Demand (VOD) release, offering the opportunity for online purchase. Much like other Sony films, it’s anticipated that Roth’s passion project will eventually make its way to streaming platforms like Netflix. The timeline for its arrival on Netflix or other streaming services remains uncertain, but for now, audiences can uncover the enigmatic persona of John Carver by flocking to Prime Video.