Is Sophie Turner Still Close To Priyanka Chopra?


Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra were not only connected through their marriages to Joe and Nick Jonas but also considered each other close friends. Turner was married to Joe for four years before their separation turned contentious, while Chopra continues to share a loving union with Nick, whom she wed in 2018.

Chopra warmly welcomed Turner into the family when she married Joe in 2019, expressing her delight at gaining a sisterly bond. She emphasized how much she enjoyed spending time with Sophie, praising her talent and humor. Even Nick Jonas was impressed by the camaraderie between them, considering it a dream come true that their wives were so connected.

However, the harmony within the Jonas family was disrupted by Turner and Joe’s sudden breakup, which evolved into a messy custody battle. Initially, it seemed their separation didn’t affect Turner’s relationship with Chopra, but as time passed, it became apparent that their friendship had soured, especially after a controversial Instagram post from the former Miss World and their decision to unfollow each other on social media.


When Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas announced their separation, Priyanka Chopra remained notably reserved, likely to avoid interfering in their private matters. Nevertheless, she did share affectionate photos of herself with Nick, which some fans interpreted as a subtle dig at Turner. They speculated that Chopra’s posts were a form of indirect communication, with one fan commenting, “She’s so messy lmao she said we good over here.” This raised questions about Chopra’s intentions, though insiders revealed that she was struggling with the split, as Sophie held a special place in her heart.

In a digital age, unfollowing someone on social media can symbolize the end of a relationship. In early October 2023, about a month after Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas officially announced their divorce, fans noticed that Turner and Priyanka Chopra were no longer following each other on Instagram. Interestingly, Turner still maintains connections with other members of the Jonas family, including Nick and Kevin Jonas, as well as Danielle Jonas. Even her ex, Joe Jonas, remains on her following list. This shift in social media dynamics has sparked speculation about the status of their friendship, but the exact reasons remain unknown.

Insiders familiar with the dynamics of the Jonas family suggest that Turner may have grown weary of being compared to the seemingly more mature Chopra. They note that the family’s comparisons have added pressure on Turner, who feels she’s at a different stage in life compared to Priyanka. This contrast in expectations has created tension, with Turner feeling that she’s still in her twenties and hasn’t had the opportunity to fully explore life due to her early career commitments.