Is Prince Harry still a prince?


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from their roles within the Royal family and relocate to California has caused considerable speculation about their standing within the monarchy. While their actions have raised eyebrows and garnered attention, the details of their departure and the implications for their royal titles remain somewhat murky.

Recent scrutiny has focused on the birth certificates of their children, particularly Prince Archie, born in May 2019, and Princess Lilibet, born in June 2021. Interestingly, Prince Harry’s full name on Archie’s birth certificate does not include the title “Prince,” unlike the birth certificates of his nephews and niece, the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This discrepancy has led to speculation about Harry’s relationship with his royal title and whether he has deliberately omitted it.

On Archie’s birth certificate, Prince Harry is listed as “His Royal Highness Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex,” with the absence of the term “Prince” raising questions about his intentions regarding his royal status. Given Harry’s familiarity with his full title, the omission seems deliberate and has sparked discussion about his possible rejection of the prince title, particularly in light of his and Meghan’s decision to step back from royal duties in January 2020.


In contrast, Meghan Markle’s birth name is used on Archie’s birth certificate, with her full title listed as “Rachel Meghan Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex.” Notably, her occupation is listed as “Princess of the United Kingdom,” a detail that underscores her royal status.

The situation appears slightly different on Princess Lilibet’s birth certificate, where Prince Harry is listed as “The Duke of Sussex” as his first name and “HRH” as his surname. This reversal from Archie’s birth certificate raises further questions about Harry’s relationship with his royal titles and whether he still considers himself a prince after stepping back from his royal duties.

In summary, the details of Prince Harry’s titles on his children’s birth certificates raise intriguing questions about his personal stance on his royal status. Whether he has deliberately rejected the prince title or simply made an error on the paperwork remains uncertain, but the implications of his choices add another layer to the ongoing narrative surrounding his and Meghan’s departure from the Royal family.