Is Nicholas Hoult related to Hugh Grant?


The notion that all white individuals bear a striking resemblance gains some plausibility when scrutinizing the features of Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Grant.

While the English actors are far from identical, a cursory observation might lead one to assume otherwise. They share a lanky stature, brown hair, captivating gazes, and charming smiles. These observable similarities could easily prompt a layperson to mistake one for the other — an impression reinforced by their similar acting styles.

Nicholas Hoult has faced allegations in the past of “copying” Grant’s acting style, a claim he addressed after his early exposure to the older star during the filming of “About A Boy.” The commonalities between them have led some fans to reasonably speculate about a familial connection between the 34-year-old Hoult and the 63-year-old Grant. However, in the world of Hollywood, appearances can often deceive.


Despite their likenesses, Hoult and Grant do not share any blood relation. In the entertainment industry, discoveries of celebrity relationships continue to surprise the public. For instance, cousins like Jenny and Melissa McCarthy or Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker are revelations that continually astound fans. Given such discoveries, it’s no wonder audiences might jump to conclusions of familial ties when stars bear a resemblance.

The resemblance between Hoult and Grant stems primarily from their physical appearance and similar acting approaches. Hoult, a young actor when he starred alongside Grant in “About A Boy,” naturally absorbed and emulated the more seasoned Grant’s style as he evolved in his career. Although Hoult has clarified that any similarities are unintentional, he acknowledges being “flattered” by comparisons to Grant, who is highly regarded in the realm of English actors. Thus, having one’s style likened to Grant’s is considered a significant compliment in the acting fraternity.