Is Mizu from ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ gay?


The arrival of Season 1 of “Blue Eye Samurai” on Netflix may not have created an immediate buzz, but as its popularity steadily rises, it’s sparking a lot of curiosity and discussion among viewers.

The animated series revolves around Mizu, a skilled sword-fighter embarking on a vengeful journey. To achieve her goal, she must conceal her true identity, particularly her striking blue eyes. This gripping premise has stirred conversations, and as more people delve into the story, questions emerge. One prevalent inquiry revolves around the sexual orientation of the main character.

The speculation stems from Mizu’s choice of dressing in men’s attire and presenting herself as one, coupled with her aloof, calculated demeanor, prompting some to ponder her sexual orientation. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between fictional character analysis and perpetuating harmful stereotypes when considering someone’s sexuality.


The show doesn’t explicitly address Mizu’s sexual orientation in Season 1. While it’s understandable to be curious about her romantic inclinations, it’s essential not to equate traditionally masculine traits with a specific sexual identity. People’s comfort with defying gender norms doesn’t inherently disclose their sexual orientation. Nonetheless, the desire for clarification about Mizu’s orientation is natural.

In Season 1, Mizu’s relationship with her former husband, Mikio, hints at romantic involvement, despite their marriage originating from less-than-ideal circumstances and ending poorly. This information might suggest a romantic attraction to men, possibly indicating that she isn’t gay.

However, it’s vital to acknowledge that this doesn’t necessarily imply heterosexuality. Mizu’s sexual orientation could be bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or something else entirely. Without explicit confirmation within the show or insights from its creators, determining her exact orientation remains uncertain.

The possibility of discovering more about Mizu’s orientation might arise if Netflix decides to produce further seasons. Meanwhile, fans can revisit the captivating eight-episode first season of “Blue Eye Samurai.” The show’s compelling narrative makes it worthy of a second watch without losing its appeal.