Is Matt Rife gay?


It’s not uncommon for a handsome, well-dressed celebrity like Matt Rife to find himself at the center of gay rumors, and Rife has been no exception since the early days of his career. However, these speculations are neither entirely factual nor entirely fictional.

Rife has openly shared that he experienced a transformation in his appearance, referring to himself as a “late bloomer” in terms of attractiveness. Formerly feeling less desired, he now boasts an athletic and well-groomed persona that’s caught attention. Yet, akin to many good-looking male celebrities, the shadow of gay or bisexual rumors followed closely, despite simultaneous whispers about his playboy lifestyle. The truth behind these speculations has been subject to scrutiny.

To uncover the truth regarding Rife’s sexual orientation, his career endeavors have spanned stand-up comedy, acting, and social media stardom. At 28, the Ohio native has carved a successful path, producing various comedy specials, participating in improv comedy sketches like Wet’N’ Wild, and even securing a Netflix special titled Natural Selection.


Contrary to what some might assume, Rife has shared that his attractive appearance has been somewhat of a hurdle in his career. In an interview with the New York Post, he revealed that as a handsome comedian, people often focus on his looks rather than his jokes, creating challenges and raising questions about his achievements.

The speculation about Rife’s sexuality has persisted, despite his efforts to maintain a low-key love life due to his rigorous touring schedule. Although he keeps his romantic relationships under wraps, he publicly dated actress Kate Beckinsale in 2017, despite the significant age gap—she was 43, and he was 21 at the time. Their relationship faced complexities and eventually ended. Following this, Rife was rumored to have a brief involvement with Lucy Hale.

In 2023, Rife confirmed his relationship with English actress and dancer Jessica Lord. Though he prefers privacy, the couple went public in June 2023, having known each other for over a year before becoming romantically involved. Despite their relationship being relatively new, they’ve shown public displays of affection, notably at the Forbes Top Creator List launch. However, personal glimpses into their life are scarce on Rife’s Instagram, which primarily focuses on his career, and Lord’s account follows a similar pattern.

Rife appreciates Lord’s unwavering support for his career and her resilience in handling the attention, often unwanted, that he receives both online and onstage. Despite Rife’s open relationship status and history with famous women, the lingering questions about his sexuality persist. While his dating history suggests a preference for women, it doesn’t definitively rule out other sexual orientations. Nevertheless, as far as the public eye and available information suggest, there’s no evidence contrary to Rife’s heterosexual orientation. Yet, doubts and speculations surrounding his sexual preferences may continue to circulate, despite his relationship history.