Is Marvel recasting Kang?


As of mid-December, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) officially cut ties with Jonathan Majors following the actor’s legal troubles involving assault and harassment, marking a pivotal moment for the franchise. Majors held a significant role as Kang the Conqueror, a linchpin for many of the forthcoming MCU releases. However, his departure has thrown the future of the franchise into uncertainty.

One possible solution for the MCU is to recast the role of Kang. Majors had already made appearances as Kang in various projects, but recasting a character due to such sensitive circumstances would be unprecedented for Marvel. Nonetheless, there’s a substantial chance that another actor might assume the role before the next major Marvel project hits the screens.

Marvel Studios has a precedent for recasting major characters in the MCU. Both Terrence Howard and Edward Norton were initially part of the franchise, playing Rhodey and Bruce Banner, respectively, before being replaced after one film each. Their departures stemmed from financial disputes or other conflicts, setting a precedent for character recasting in the franchise when necessary.


However, there are two critical distinctions making the situation with Kang less likely for recasting. Unlike Howard and Norton, Majors has appeared in multiple projects, linking him more extensively to the role of Kang. Moreover, the planned film titled Kang Dynasty, referred to as “Avengers 5,” underwent a sudden title change, suggesting Marvel Studios might be shifting away from Kang, especially in light of the news regarding Majors.

This potential shift seems to align with a more sensible direction for the MCU. While another actor could take over the part with plausible in-universe explanations for the change in appearance, completely pivoting away from Kang might be a wiser choice. The previous Kang-centric endeavors, like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, have had underwhelming receptions. Exploring other major MCU villains, such as established favorites like Thanos or incoming powerhouses like Doctor Doom, could inject new life into the franchise.

Marvel appears to have contemplated the Majors situation extensively, and the solution might entail removing both the actor and the Kang character from the MCU’s future entirely. Whether this speculation holds true remains to be seen, but it indicates a potential departure of Majors and Kang from Marvel’s ongoing narrative.