Is Marco Grazzini Married?


Marco Grazzini, renowned for his role as local cop Mike Valenzuela in the popular Netflix series “Virgin River,” has discovered love off-screen. He’s been in a relationship with fellow Hallmark star Alvina August since they connected on the dating app Tinder around 2014. August recounted their modern love story, sharing that it took three weeks of getting to know each other over the phone before she agreed to go on a date with Grazzini. Right from the start, she sensed there was something special about him. Their first date involved an eight-hour game of table tennis, setting the stage for three more dates that same week, each one longer than the last. They found it difficult to spend any time apart, with endless conversations flowing effortlessly.

August, known for her role in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” attributed Grazzini with being a guiding force in the early stages of her acting career and instrumental in her personal growth. She expressed her admiration, highlighting him as her best friend in every sense and a source of immense happiness in her life.

In June 2019, after over five years together, Marco Grazzini and Alvina August announced their engagement following a romantic getaway to Ubud, Bali. The couple shared the joyous news through matching Instagram posts, displaying August’s engagement ring with the simple caption, “YES!” They commemorated their engagement anniversary with heartfelt messages of love and appreciation for each other.


On April 3, 2023, Alvina August joyfully revealed that she and Marco Grazzini were expecting their first child. They welcomed their healthy baby girl in September, coinciding with Grazzini’s 44th birthday. Grazzini expressed his elation on Instagram, sharing an image of himself cradling his newborn daughter, emphasizing that it was the best birthday ever. The couple celebrated this new chapter in their lives with an outpouring of well-wishes and congratulations from friends and colleagues, including fellow actors and co-stars.