Is Lupin Renewed For Season 4?


As of October 2023, there has been no official confirmation regarding the production or release date of Lupin Season 4. However, considering the show’s popularity and success, there’s a good chance that a fourth season might be announced in the future, especially if Part 3 performs well on Netflix.

Regarding the expected release date, if Lupin Season 4 were to be produced, it is speculated that it may not come out before late 2024. The release schedule for previous seasons has been somewhat irregular, with a two-year gap between Seasons 2 and 3, despite Season 3 being filmed earlier than its actual release.

As for the plot of Lupin Season 4, hints were dropped at the end of Season 3. Assane willingly surrenders himself to the police to protect his family, bringing him face-to-face with his father’s killer, Hubert Pellegrini. Pellegrini, who had also been imprisoned earlier in the show, is likely to play a central role in the upcoming season, as he has been plotting his own schemes. Additionally, Pellegrini may have been involved in the heist gone wrong that led Assane to turn himself in.


The third season also hinted at potentially significant family connections, with Mariama possibly being Assane’s biological mother. These unresolved questions and intense cliffhangers have left fans eagerly anticipating Lupin Season 4, but official confirmation from Netflix and Gaumont Television is awaited.