Is Luffy is related to a key villain in ‘One Piece?’


In the live-action adaptation of One Piece’s first season on Netflix, the series largely adheres to the original source material, much to the satisfaction of fans and critics. However, some deviations from the manga and anime were introduced, notably in the timing of a crucial revelation about a significant character’s relationship to one of the Straw Hat crew members.

Specifically, the revelation that Vice-Admiral Garp is Monkey D. Luffy’s grandfather occurs much earlier in the live-action series than it does in both the anime and the manga. While the manga and anime hint at Garp’s connection to Luffy through various offscreen allusions, the live-action adaptation expedites this revelation within its storyline.

In the Netflix series, Luffy discloses Garp’s true identity as his grandfather in episode 4. The reveal transpires as the Marines catch up to the Going Merry, just before the Straw Hats arrive at Baratie. This disclosure shocks both the Straw Hat crew and long-time One Piece enthusiasts, as it unfolds differently compared to its presentation in the original manga and anime.


In the original manga and anime series, the Straw Hat crew discovers Garp’s relation to Luffy much later, specifically in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc. This revelation occurs in chapter 431 of the manga and episodes 313/314 in the anime. The timing of this revelation is equally surprising, coming after the Straw Hats confront the Marines, adding to the suspense and intrigue of the storyline.

Additionally, this revelation in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc marks the reunion of Luffy with Koby and Helmeppo after their Marine training, orchestrated by Garp. This encounter leads to an unexpected revelation about Luffy’s father’s identity, adding layers to the intricate family connections within the series.

Overall, while the live-action series accelerates the revelation of Garp’s relationship with Luffy, the original manga and anime unveil this crucial detail at a later stage in the story, enhancing the suspense and impact of the familial connection within the narrative.