Is LaMelo Ball’s new back tattoo real?


LaMelo Ball, the standout star of the Charlotte Hornets, has always embraced a lifestyle that sets him apart from the crowd. This individuality is not only evident in his on-court performance but also in his off-court persona, which is prominently displayed on his social media platforms and signature shoe designs. His coined phrases like “1 of 1,” “rare,” and “not from here” serve as mantras that reflect his distinctive outlook. Now, Ball has taken these personal mottos a step further by seemingly etching them permanently onto his skin.

The buzz surrounding Ball reached a fever pitch on Tuesday when a photo of a massive back tattoo surfaced online, quickly capturing the attention of fans and sports enthusiasts alike. The tattoo boldly spells out “RARE” across his shoulders and back, utilizing the same distinctive font featured on his signature footwear. Below this prominent declaration, the ink continues with the word “ONE,” accompanied by an image of an alien sporting a carved number one on its head.

The image initially appeared on the Instagram account “inkednba” and swiftly spread across various sports media outlets. While Ball himself has yet to confirm the authenticity of the tattoo, all indications suggest that it is indeed the Hornets’ star depicted in the photo.


This latest addition to Ball’s collection of body art is just one of many tattoos adorning his physique. Following his stellar Rookie of the Year campaign, Ball discussed his ink in an interview with GQ, shedding light on the personal significance behind each design.

Among his notable tattoos is the bright red “LF” inked behind his ear, which stirred controversy within the NBA community due to its association with Ball’s middle name, “LaFrance,” and his lifestyle clothing brand. Initially, NBA uniform regulations required Ball to cover the tattoo during games to comply with restrictions on displaying brand logos. However, the league eventually reversed its decision, allowing Ball to showcase his personal expression without constraint.

As Ball continues to make his mark both on and off the court, his tattoos serve as a visual testament to his unique identity and unwavering self-expression. Whether it’s through his dynamic style of play or his distinctive body art, Ball remains unapologetically true to himself, captivating fans with his authenticity and individuality.