Is Kourtney right About Kim Never Happy For Her Sister? Here’s What We Know!


Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship has been marred by tension and conflicts, with recent incidents highlighting the strained dynamic between them. In a clip from “The Kardashians,” they discuss the fallout from Kourtney’s wedding, which Kim appears to downplay. The exchange reveals a lack of support and understanding from Kim, painting her as the antagonist in this situation. Kourtney expresses that Kim has never truly celebrated her successes.

One significant point of contention revolves around Kourtney’s relationship with Travis Barker. Kim’s apparent resentment and attempts to undermine Kourtney’s experiences, like her Vegas-themed wedding, suggest feelings of jealousy. Kourtney’s association with Barker has brought her increased fame, potentially rivalling Kim’s prominence. This has seemingly unsettled Kim, leading to public commentary and gestures that downplay Kourtney’s achievements and relationship.

Additionally, Kim’s recent foray into the wellness industry with Alani Nutrition and her line of “Kimade” energy drinks encroaches on Kourtney’s territory, where her venture Poosh has garnered a dedicated following. This move could be interpreted as Kim overshadowing Kourtney’s success in a space she has long been associated with.


Overall, Kim’s actions and attitudes seem to indicate a lack of consideration for Kourtney’s feelings and aspirations. Without acknowledging and respecting each other’s boundaries and accomplishments, their relationship is likely to remain strained.