Is John Isner Married?


Tennis pro John Isner’s love story with his wife, Madison McKinley, began with a chance encounter at a tennis competition. McKinley approached Isner for a photo, which marked the beginning of their journey together. Isner admitted he found McKinley attractive even before they spoke. After dating for six years, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level.

In June 2017, Isner joyfully announced their engagement on Instagram, followed by a heartfelt wedding ceremony in December of the same year. Isner expressed his happiness and shared photos of the special moments. Their love story exemplifies the power of serendipity.

Madison McKinley is not only known as John Isner’s wife but also as a talented jewelry designer. She founded her brand, Madison McKinley, where she creates handmade jewelry. McKinley’s passion for design was sparked in her childhood, and she’s dedicated to crafting pieces that empower individuals. With a background in fine arts from the University of Texas at Austin, she has worked in the accessories design field before establishing her own brand.


Looking ahead, McKinley envisions expanding her line to include leather goods, boots, saddles, and hats, reflecting her ultimate dream for her brand.

The couple’s love story has evolved into a beautiful family journey. Since their wedding in 2017, Isner and McKinley have become proud parents to four children: Hunter Grace, John Hobbs, James “Mack” McKinley, and Chapel Lee. Isner expressed his admiration for McKinley’s strength and dedication as a mother.

In interviews, Isner has emphasized the importance of family in his life, acknowledging McKinley’s tremendous support in balancing their busy careers and family responsibilities. He cherishes the fulfilling life they’ve built together and recognizes that tennis played a pivotal role in bringing them together.

Isner’s sentiments about his family reflect the profound impact McKinley and their children have had on his life. Their love story is a testament to the transformative power of unexpected encounters and the enduring bond they share.