Is Jacob Elordi British?


Jacob Elordi, often hailed as the current sensation in the spotlight, has captivated audiences with his unique aura, a blend of undeniable charm and a peculiar personality that draws intrigue. While his striking good looks certainly contribute to his allure, it’s his recent performances that have showcased his potential beyond his earlier roles.

For a while, Elordi was recognized for his polarizing character in the series “Euphoria.” However, his roles in “Priscilla” and “Saltburn” unveiled his talent, hinting at a trajectory akin to the transformative shift seen in Robert Pattinson’s career. While some might recall his presence in “The Kissing Booth,” Elordi has since aimed for greater artistic heights, leaving that behind.

Among the numerous aspects of Elordi that have fascinated audiences, his accent stands out prominently, sparking curiosity and interest.


Jacob Elordi’s origins might surprise many—he isn’t British or American. The actor was born in Brisbane, Australia, and initially began his acting journey in his home country. His debut in the Australian film “Swinging Safari” in 2018 marked the start of his career, before his talent propelled him onto the global stage.

Although his current body of work predominantly revolves around the United States, including his portrayal of the iconic Elvis Presley, Elordi’s true accent—amidst his roles as Nathan and Elvis—is distinctly Australian. His flawless depiction of Elvis’s accent may have left audiences astounded, given the surprising revelation that his genuine accent roots back to his Australian upbringing.

Despite his recent foray into Hollywood and his portrayal of various characters with different accents, Elordi’s authentic voice reflects his Australian heritage, a facet of his identity that contrasts with the varied roles he portrays on screen.