Is Humane AI Pin worth your money? Here’s what we think


In an age dominated by smartphones and constant digital connectivity, the Humane AI Pin emerges as a bold departure from the norm. Promising a post-smartphone future where interactions with technology are simplified and distractions minimized, the AI Pin represents an ambitious endeavor to reshape our relationship with devices.


But does it deliver on its promises? Is the Humane AI Pin worth the investment? Let’s delve into the details.


The Concept: Simplifying Technology

At its core, the Humane AI Pin is designed to be a phone without a screen. Instead of navigating through apps and menus, users interact with an AI assistant powered by Humane’s proprietary operating system, CosmOS. Whether it’s making calls, sending texts, or seeking information, users can simply ask the AI Pin to perform various tasks. The idea is to streamline interactions and minimize the time spent buried in smartphone screens, allowing users to focus more on the real world around them.


The Experience: Hits and Misses

In testing the AI Pin over a span of nearly two weeks, users have encountered a mix of successes and shortcomings. On the positive side, the device is well-crafted, boasting a sleek design and sturdy build quality. Its compact size and lightweight nature make it convenient to carry around.

However, the AI Pin’s functionality falls short in several key areas. Despite its promise to handle a wide range of tasks, from making phone calls to snapping photos, the device often struggles to deliver consistent results. Users have reported issues with slow performance, frequent errors, and unreliable connectivity. Basic functions like setting alarms or timers are noticeably absent, leaving users frustrated and questioning the device’s utility.


The Verdict: Not Quite There Yet

While the concept behind the Humane AI Pin shows promise, the current execution leaves much to be desired. At a price point of $699 plus a monthly subscription fee, the device simply doesn’t justify its cost given its numerous flaws and limitations. From overheating batteries to unreliable performance, the AI Pin fails to deliver on its ambitious vision of a post-smartphone future.


Looking Ahead: Room for Improvement

Despite its shortcomings, there’s hope that the AI Pin could evolve into a more compelling product in the future. Humane has expressed its commitment to ongoing software refinements and feature updates, aiming to enhance the device’s capabilities over time. However, until significant improvements are made, the AI Pin remains a beta-level product, falling short of its potential as a revolutionary piece of technology.

In conclusion, while the idea of a screen-free phone powered by AI is intriguing, the Humane AI Pin falls short of expectations in its current state. As technology continues to advance, there’s potential for similar devices to offer a more seamless and reliable user experience. But for now, consumers are better off sticking with traditional smartphones until the AI Pin can truly deliver on its promises.