Is Henry Cavill pregnant?


It’s time to debunk the rumors swirling around Henry Cavill’s unexpected baby bump. No, the Man of Steel isn’t about to become a mother; however, the 40-year-old actor is indeed expecting his first child with his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, who is 34 and also involved in the movie industry as an executive producer at Vertigo Entertainment.

The speculation began when Cavill and Viscuso were seen strolling through New York City, where Viscuso seemed to be sporting a noticeable baby bump. The rumor mill went into overdrive, prompting Access Hollywood to confront Cavill about the pregnancy rumors during the premiere of his latest film, Guy Ritchie’s period spy flick, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

With a grin and a chuckle, Cavill confirmed the joyful news, expressing his and Viscuso’s excitement about the impending arrival. He hinted that they would likely keep fans updated on their social media channels throughout Viscuso’s pregnancy journey. Despite the interviewer’s possibly unintentional prodding, Cavill seemed genuinely happy to share the news and even received warm words of encouragement about fatherhood.


So, while Cavill won’t be donning a cape for diaper duty, he’s gearing up for a new role as a dad. Congratulations to the couple on their forthcoming addition to the family, whether it turns out to be a Superboy or a Supergirl!