Is Hallmark’s Brittany Bristow Married?


Brittany Bristow, recognized for her roles in Hallmark’s festive films, found her own off-screen romance with Dustin Keating. Their relationship began in 2019, and they made it public in October that year. Over time, their love deepened, culminating in a pivotal moment when Keating proposed to Bristow in August 2021, precisely two years after their first date.

The engagement, on the anniversary of their initial meeting, was a poignant milestone. Bristow joyfully shared the news on social media, emphasizing their journey together. With eager anticipation, the couple swiftly moved forward, exchanging vows in a picturesque outdoor ceremony in September 2022.

Their inaugural wedding anniversary was marked by touching sentiments expressed on their respective social media accounts. Each post overflowed with love and appreciation, underscoring the profound connection they share. Throughout their inaugural year as a married couple, they cultivated cherished memories, relishing a romantic getaway to Tuscany, Italy, and savoring intimate moments during date nights in Canada, Bristow’s native land.


Their online updates and shared moments exhibit a relationship flourishing with affection, suggesting an ever-strengthening bond between the two. Their journey, captured in glimpses on social media, reflects a shared joy in navigating life together.