Is Hallmark Star Marlo Thomas Still Married To TV Host Phil Donahue?


Marlo Thomas, well-known for her acting roles and her long-lasting marriage to talk show host Phil Donahue, met her future husband when she appeared as a guest on his show, “Donahue,” in 1977. Their meeting marked the beginning of a deep connection, leading to their marriage in 1980. The couple shares a strong bond, despite Thomas previously having reservations about marriage and not believing in it until she met Donahue.

Thomas and Donahue’s relationship has stood the test of time, and the couple celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary, emphasizing the importance of communication, companionship, and mutual support in their marriage. Thomas credits the success of their relationship to open communication, saying that they initially argued but learned to resolve conflicts peacefully over time. She also praises Donahue as a supportive and encouraging partner who uplifts her, no matter her aspirations.

On their 43rd anniversary, Thomas expressed gratitude for being married to Donahue, referring to him as the best. The couple opted for a low-key celebration, preferring to spend quality time together, going to the theater, dining out, and enjoying each other’s company.


Thomas revealed that the keys to their strong marriage are love, listening, and lust. She emphasized the importance of listening to understand each other’s thoughts and feelings, expressing love for each other, and maintaining physical attraction. Additionally, both Thomas and Donahue agree that humor plays a crucial role in their relationship, helping to keep their marriage light-hearted and enjoyable.

Throughout their decades-long marriage, Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue have demonstrated that mutual respect, communication, and unwavering support for each other are essential elements contributing to a successful and enduring partnership.