Is Ghosts Season 3 canceled?


The audience and the way people watch television have changed as a result of sitcoms. An episode of Friends or How I Met Your Mother might be a good choice for a casual viewing today. The best thing is that these shows frequently become classics, and no matter how many times they are viewed again, a fresh experience is always waiting to be had. But what if there were experimentation within this genre?

Normal sitcoms just won’t appeal to people nowadays who are too fast to change channels. In this situation, a new age comedy series that wasn’t really scary found success with the public. There were Ghosts. Fans are questioning whether season 3 is cancelled now that two seasons have been released. Let’s see whether Season 3 of Ghosts gets cancelled.


Is Ghosts Season 3 Canceled?


No. In fact, the show’s audience growth was happening so quickly that it was renewed. With 7.76 million viewers per episode in its first season and only increasing to over 9 million in the following, the British comedy quickly rose to the top of CBS Networks’ most-watched list. The programme has been given a third season and it is not cancelled.

The show was originally intended to premiere in the autumn of 2023 on Thursdays at 8:30 pm ET/PT, however, the network has delayed it until 2024. On the same, no further official updates have been given.

The programme is available for official streaming on Paramount+.