Is Eric McCormack gay?


Eric McCormack, known for his role in “Will & Grace,” has shared various aspects of his life, from working at Baskin-Robbins to performing as a mime and details about his wife, Janet Holden. However, like many celebrities, McCormack has faced persistent rumors regarding his sexuality, particularly around the speculation that he might be gay.

These rumors have persisted despite McCormack being married to Janet Holden for over 26 years. The gossip surrounding his sexuality intensified due to his prominent role as Will Truman in the groundbreaking show “Will & Grace,” a series that notably showcased openly gay characters. While Sean Hayes, who played Jack, is openly gay, McCormack is not.

The show’s narrative revolved around Will dating men and eventually ending up with a character portrayed by Matt Bomer, who is openly gay in real life. This portrayal and the show’s themes led to ongoing speculation about McCormack’s sexual orientation, despite his established marriage predating the series.


Rumors gained momentum when McCormack, a supporter of same-sex marriage, kissed his co-star Sean Hayes at the reboot’s ribbon-cutting ceremony in 2017. However, it’s essential to note that McCormack’s on-screen character and personal life remain distinct, and his portrayal as a gay man on television does not determine his actual sexual orientation.

Ultimately, whether Eric McCormack is gay or not is a private matter, and the speculation surrounding his personal life remains just that – speculation. Only McCormack can address these rumors if and when he chooses to do so.