Is ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ canon?


Dragon Ball Daima is the eagerly anticipated addition to the expansive Dragon Ball universe, which has captured the hearts of fans since its inception in 1984. This new series will join six other interconnected shows, collectively delving into the rich world crafted by Akira Toriyama. While some of these series follow the same timeline, constituting the core canon of the Dragon Ball universe, others venture into alternate continuities, diverging from the established storyline.

For die-hard fans like myself, who hold a deep affection for Dragon Ball, it’s evident that while the plot may not be intricately layered, it can become a bit perplexing. How many times has Krillin met his unfortunate demise? Five times? The series’ focal point on intense combat sequences, often accompanied by prolonged power-ups, makes for engaging viewing overall. Yet, it’s important to remember that this is a nearly four-decade-old show. Our beloved characters have undergone a plethora of trials over the years, and with a multitude of narratives to follow, distinguishing between what is considered canon and what falls outside it is crucial.

So, what exactly is Dragon Ball Daima?


Dragon Ball Daima stands as the freshest addition to the Dragon Ball roster, and the announcement at New York Comic Con in early October was met with immense excitement. Positioned between the events of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, this anime is poised to offer a brand-new narrative, steering clear of rehashing familiar storylines. Instead, it promises to embark on an entirely original journey with our cherished characters.


How does Dragon Ball Daima integrate into the broader Dragon Ball canon?

In fantastic news for devotees of the central Dragon Ball storyline, Daima is officially recognized as canon. Following the debut of Dragon Ball: Super Hero in 2022, this latest addition is a highly anticipated inclusion in the franchise. While most of us may not have expected a tale set in the interim period between Majin Buu’s defeat and the emergence of the next wave of adversaries, the prospect is undeniably thrilling. Many of my personal favorite characters flourished during this timeframe, and the prospect of further exploration is a cause for celebration among fans.

Anticipate the arrival of Dragon Ball Daima in the fall of 2024, provided no unforeseen complications arise during the production process. The countdown to this exciting new chapter in the Dragon Ball saga has begun!