Is Dar-Benn related to Thanos in ‘The Marvels?’


A prevailing concern within Marvel is the specter of apathy, as the notion of “superhero fatigue” looms over discussions like an envious former flame. In response, trailers for “The Marvels” persistently captivate our attention, and the latest installment is no exception.

Entitled “Beginning,” it commences with archival footage of the Avengers gearing up for their time-travel mission in “Endgame,” featuring Tony Stark’s pivotal snap that wipes the smirk off Thanos’ face. The trailer culminates with the resonant swell of the iconic theme song. Whether by design or happenstance, this trailer subtly positions “The Marvels” as a spiritual successor to “Endgame” more than any other Phase Four or Five film.

Notably, Thanos himself provides a substantial portion of the narration, insinuating that Dar-Benn is the torchbearer of his genocidal legacy. This, combined with Dar-Benn’s previous remarks in earlier trailers about how Carol Danvers “took everything from [her],” prompts us to raise our brows, tilt our heads, and utter, “Wait a minute.”


The prospect of Dar-Benn being Thanos’ offspring isn’t entirely far-fetched. In the comic book realm, Thanos frequently adopts or begets powerful progeny, making it a plausible inquiry. Although, in the MCU, we presently only know of Gamora and Nebula, the Mad Titan’s roster of progeny extends far beyond, some of whom made appearances throughout the Infinity Saga.

Characters like Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, and Proxima Midnight, collectively known as the Black Order, were all progeny of Thanos. While Captain Marvel didn’t singularly dispatch them and Thanos during the Battle of Earth, her contribution was undeniably significant. If Dar-Benn were also part of the Black Order, it would elucidate her animosity towards Carol. Thanos could very well be the “everything” that Dar-Benn accuses Carol Danvers (and the Avengers collectively) of taking from her, shedding light on why the Kree general harbors such a fervent desire for her demise.

It’s important to acknowledge that in the comics, Dar-Benn isn’t a female and doesn’t have any association with Thanos. However, in the MCU, there’s room for creative interpretation. This potential connection might elucidate why the film is positioning itself as a spiritual successor to “Endgame,” why it revolves around yet another threat of universal devastation, and why the specter of Thanos continues to loom large in the narrative.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that our speculations are wide of the mark, and perhaps Carol inadvertently offended Dar-Benn’s pet parrot or something of the sort. Both scenarios are equally plausible. The truth will come to light when “The Marvels” debuts in theaters on November 10th.