Is ‘Dandadan’ anime releasing this year?


The series “Dandadan” merges extraterrestrial beings, the tumultuous lives of teenagers, and the captivating style of manga. It’s a title that may not have been on everyone’s radar until recently, but with the recent teaser, it’s poised to seize attention in a big way.

Just a short while back, anime enthusiasts were caught off guard by a sneak peek into the forthcoming Shonen and Fantasy anime, Dandadan. While it might have been familiar to certain circles, for many, this might be the first encounter with its storyline. Yet, this sneak peek has ignited a keen interest, especially owing to its stunning animation style.

Naturally, this revelation sparks curiosity about the origins and creators of this upcoming anime. So, let’s delve into the intricate details of Dandadan.



Danadan Plot

Dandadan, a Shonen fantasy narrative concocted by Yukinobu Tatsu, centers around aliens, UFOs, and the romantic escapades of teenagers. Serialized in 2021, the manga series was astutely conceptualized by the singular mind of Yukinobu Tatsu. Earlier this year, the animation studio Science Saru acquired the manga series and announced its adaptation into an anime slated for release in 2024.

The storyline orbits around the life of Momo Ayase, a high school student whose beliefs favor ghosts over aliens. In contrast, her classmate, Okarun, vehemently disputes the existence of ghosts while ardently advocating for the presence of extraterrestrial life. Ultimately, the narrative promises a rib-tickling, adventurous journey as these two students stumble upon the existence of both ghosts and aliens, unwittingly venturing into the world of the occult.


Danadan Release date

The exact release date remains elusive, but the series is scheduled to debut in 2024. Once released, Crunchyroll will be the platform hosting Dandadan and its episodes. Meanwhile, there’s more intriguing information about the creation of Dandadan that might captivate your interest.

The series’ composer, Hiroshi Seko, recognized for his work on Chainsaw Man, spearheads the musical composition. Character designs were meticulously crafted by Hiroyuki Onda, known for MF Ghost and Inuyashiki. However, it’s Yoshimichi Kameda from Mob Psycho who took charge of designing the aliens and yokais. As for the music, the acclaimed Kensuke Ushio, renowned for Tengoku Daimakyou and The Heike Story, has composed the score.

For those eagerly awaiting the anime release, immersing oneself in the Dandadan manga available in the Viz Media library might be an excellent way to pass the time. So until the release date surfaces, patience becomes our ally, and perhaps a dive into the manga could be the perfect preparation for what’s to come.