Is Cardi B pregnant again?


Cardi B, the acclaimed Bronx-born rapper, embraces motherhood passionately, striving to provide her children with the best life has to offer. Alongside her career, she is dedicated to her role as a stepmother to Offset’s children from previous relationships, fostering a strong family bond despite the challenges.

Despite the rollercoaster nature of Cardi and Offset’s relationship, the couple shares two adorable children and appears devoted and actively engaged in their upbringing. Their firstborn, Kulture Kiari, born in 2018, has become a beloved figure in Cardi and Offset’s social media presence, showcasing her charming personality as she grows into a vibrant 5-year-old. The arrival of their second child, Wave Set, remained relatively private for the first seven months of his life, with the couple choosing to disclose his name and picture later on.

Cardi has made deliberate efforts to bond with Offset’s older children – Jordan (13), Kody (8), and Kalea Marie (8) – expressing her desire for a loving relationship with them. Upon marrying Offset in 2017, Cardi prioritized fostering a connection with her stepchildren, and she’s delighted that they reciprocate her affection, expressing her hopes for maintaining a positive relationship with them.


Regarding speculations about a third pregnancy, while Cardi has openly expressed her desire to expand her family, there is no concrete indication of her currently expecting. In late 2022, she took to Twitter to express her aspirations for a larger family despite already managing a bustling household with two children and three stepchildren. Cardi revealed her anticipation for her “third” child once she wraps up ongoing commitments in her career.

Despite the couple’s publicized ups and downs, including a near-divorce in 2020, Cardi and Offset have remained steadfast in their commitment to each other and their family. If Cardi’s aspirations come to fruition, their family might soon welcome another new addition, furthering their journey of love and growth amidst the challenges they’ve faced together.